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I’ve been developing Japanese educational software for over a year now, and I’ve had an opportunity to meet both students who were able to reach quite an impressive level of Japanese in a relatively short time, and those who couldn’t stick with it and stopped learning.

Of course, each and every student has a different story, yet I noticed a certain pattern. Most of those who succeed have spent a lot more time, and have learned at more regular intervals than those who failed. When I asked some of the students who had a genuine interest in the language, yet ceased learning early on, most of them responded that due to various reasons, be it work, school, or anything else, they couldn’t find the time to study.

NihongoUp Toaster Japanese language review notification

Today, I’m presenting a new application which will help you to learn Japanese at regular intervals, even if you are a busy person who always had a problem to find the time to study, or even remember to think about it. NihongoUp Toaster, available to premium subscribers of the new NihongoUp online learning community, is a little program which sits quietly in the background, and every several minutes pops-up a notification window with a question from one of the many available decks.

NihongoUp Toaster review  settings window

Whether you are a developer working on the “next big thing,” a board-game fanatic spending hours on online Go servers, or student jumping between your home assignment and Facebook, NihongoUp Toaster allows you to continue whatever you are doing, yet periodically review Japanese vocabulary, kanji, or grammar.

The application is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. If you still aren’t subscribed to NihongoUp, what are you waiting for!

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We've built on years of experience teaching languages to create the best lessons, tools and educational games for Japanese self-learners.

+Philip Seyfi is a Russian independent strategy consultant and entrepreneur, author of NihongoUp, and co-founder & CEO of EduLift.

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  • Jessie

    This looks like an awesome little app. You don’t happen to have screenshots of it in-use on any other platforms, do you?

  • Jessie

    This looks like an awesome little app. You don’t happen to have screenshots of it in-use on any other platforms, do you?

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  • Seb

    nice app!

  • Ayen

    I know this style of drawing.. It’s from raindropmemory right? ;)

    • seifip

      Yes, Teekatas, aka raindropmemory, is the author of all illustrations at LinguaLift :)

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