Japanese numerals poker chips

I’m a casual poker player and I grew tired of playing with cheap plastic chips. After several hours in Flash I have designed a custom ceramic poker chip set with Japanese numbers used for denominations. The chips have a very clean look which feels both modern—if not futuristic—and retro at the same time. The design features sharp and very unique edge-marks, stylishly washed-out gradients, and the glossy rolling edge feels amazing.

Japanese numbers poker chip set

If you are a poker player and would like to buy a set of these chips please send me an email.

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  • http://twitter.com/nihongoup nihongoup

    Blogged: Japanese numerals poker chips – http://bit.ly/2AcZIB #poker #chips #design #japan
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  • http://www.flemishamerican.blogspot.com/ David Baeckelandt

    Great idea – I am definitely interested.

  • David Baeckelandt

    Great idea – I am definitely interested.

  • http://www.flemishamerican.blogspot.com David Baeckelandt

    Great idea – I am definitely interested.

  • http://www.mac-poker-guide.com Mac Poker Site

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    To become truthful, I even couldn’t envision how hard it’s to seek out respectable piece of info about Japanese numerals poker chips around the over subject. It took me a couple of hrs prior to I came across your site.

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  • Boyd Johnson

    Japanese people always have their things cuter, don’t they? I’m definitely interested in these adorable poker chips. I hope you respond to my email.

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