April 2011 Japan Blog Matsuri

After the success of the Japan Blog Matsuri on the theme of How to Japan, it is with great pleasure that we are once again hosting the Japan Blog Matsuri here at NihongoUp—this time with the theme of ‘education.’

April 2011 Japan Blog Matsuri Education

Education is at the heart of everything that we do at NihongoUp. From the very first version of the NihongoUp game which drilled hiragana and katakana to the launch of our online Japanese learning community, teaching all aspects of Japanese language and culture—education has been our driving motivation.


Maybe you had a funny experience whilst in a Japanese school on an exchange; perhaps you are a JET lamenting the state of ESL education in Japan, or maybe you have unique ideas about how foreigners should get to grips with the Japanese language. Whatever your take on the theme—we’re really looking forward to reading the submissions!


  • Submissions should be made in accordance with the Japan Blog Matsuri Rules and Guidelines
  • Submissions should have relevance to this month’s theme which is ‘education’
  • The submitted article must contain at least one picture related to the topic
  • The submitted article should contain a link back to this website

How to submit

Please ensure that all submissions are made before the 25th April at 12:00GMT. We really look forward to seeing your interpretations on the theme of education! In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on the use of romaji when learning Japanese as a second language—please head over to our Say no to romaji mini-site and share your thoughts.

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